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JSC Solja – joint Lithuanian - English company, located in Lithuania, Baltic states, Europe.

JSC Solja is manufacturing and trading company and produces anti vibration mountings, rubber mounts, rubber buffers, rubber dampers, shock mounts, shock absorbers, rubber products, rubber bobbins, rubber bushes, rubber springs, rubber hangers, shock isolators, rubber bump stops, anti vibration levelling feet, rubber sheets, rubber mats, non standard rubber products.

JSC Solja is manufacturing company and trades in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, UAE countries.

JSC Solja has strong position in these markets with big range of anti vibration mountings, rubber-to-metal bonded engineering components. Our range includes Cylindrical Bobbins, Machine Mounts, Failsafe Mounts, Marine Engine Mounts and Rubber Buffers.

Our products – Cylindrical Bobbins, Buffers & Bump Stops, Instrument & General Purpose, T-Bushes, Captive Transit Mounts, Silent Marine, Flanged Mounts, Cone & Cab Mounts, Hydro & Air mounts, Sandwich Mounts, Machine mounts, Leveling Feet, Bushes, Springs & Hangers, Rubber Springs & Custom Bonding, Rubber Sheeting, Rubber Matting, Rubber products.

JSC Solja can offer best competitive prices, good purchase conditions, fast delivery, stocking.